Cornet Kelleher takes a break after finishing the building of a coffin and comes to the door to chat with a passing Constable and notices Molly toss a coin from a window.
The one legged sailor continues along Eccles Street and goes past Katey and Boody Dedalus as he growls out his salute to England. A worried J.J. Molloy is sent to find Mr Lambert at his warehouse. Molly still in her petticoat is the only house that responds to the old sailor and she stops whistling to toss a coin over the railing. Two barefoot urchins run to collect the coin and give it to the beggar.

Katey and Boody Dedalas arrive home but have had no luck selling some old books. Maggy has made pea soup courtesy of a donation from the nuns. Dilly has gone to meet their father Simon. When Boody makes a disrespectful comment about him her older sister pulls her into line. The Elijah flyer tossed in the Liffey by Bloom is still floating along.

Blazes Boylan flirts with the girl at Thornton’s as he orders a basket of fruit ostensibly for an invalid and sends them to Eccles Street. He gallantly places a red carnation in his buttonhole and asks to use the telephone.