Father John Conmee is walking to Artane College to organize for Paddy Dignam’s son to attend this school for orphans. He gives a one legged sailor his blessing but not the silver coin in his purse. He is very gracious in his conversation with the wife of David Sheehy, Member of Parliament. He is rather pleased to think his silk hat and polished teeth will have made a good impression. He regards himself as a big improvement on Father Bernard Vaughan who was a bit of a maverick although from a good Welsh family. He gets some boys from Belvedere private school to post a letter for him. The Professor of Dancing dressed in elegant colours and with an air of importance moves onto the curb stone to make room for Lady Maxwell. Father Conmee impressed by Mrs McGuinness’s stateliness salutes her, in spite of her being only a pawnbroker. He tries to be charitable in his thoughts about the Free Church as he walks past and reads the notice. On North Circular road he responds to the respectful salute of some Christian Brother boys. He raises his hat as he passes Saint Joseph’s and thinks that the virtuous females who reside there are often bad tempered. He walks on greeting various shopkeepers. Father Conmee enjoys the romantic image of the straw hatted bargeman with his load of turf. He hops on a tram at Newcomen Bridge to avoid walking through the dingy area of Mud Island. The demeanor of the other passengers is however a bit too sober for Father Conmee and he notices an earnest old woman get out at the end of the penny fare. A grin from the big lipped Mr Eugene Stratton reminds him of all the black souls which need saving in Africa. Father Conmee gets off the tram at Malahide and enjoys a fantasy about old times when Lord Talbot of Malahide would have resided in the area and the associated scandals. A summer day with a few white clouds makes the fields of cabbages look lovely. He often walks in the fields of Clongowes school to read his office and now he takes out his breviary and begins to read quietly to himself. A flustered young couple crawl through a hedge with bits of twigs and grass on their clothing. Father Conmee blesses them gravely and continues with his office.