Near Trinity College, Stephen, while watching the tourists is approached by the musician Almidano Artifoni who talks to him about his singing voice which could, he tells him, be developed into a lucrative career. A band of Highland soldiers make their way through the gates of Trinity. Almidano Artifoni tries to signal the Dalkey tram.

Miss Dunne at Blazes Boylan’s office puts away a love story, to type a letter. She is absorbed in her plans for the evening when her boss rings and asks her to book train tickets for Belfast and Liverpool. Lenehan the sports writer has left a message that he will meet Boylan at the Ormond at four o’ clock.

A clergyman is interested in the heritage building which is Ned Lambert’s warehouse and J.J. Molloy arrives as he is finishing an inspection. J.J. Molloy makes a joke about it being a good hideaway for smuggling arms and Ned Lambert is reminded of another historic story for the intelligent young clergyman. Ned Lambert sneezes as they pass by some horses forcing J.J. Molloy who is on tender hooks to delay telling him what he wants from this visit.