Father Cowley confides in Simon Dedalus his dilemma of being harassed with a writ and says he is waiting for Ben Dollard who is going to intervene on his behalf with Long John. Ben Dollard arrives jauntily wearing a suit that is too large for him, and scratching his backside. Simon Dedalus flicks off specks of fluff from his jacket. In reply to a comment from Father Cowley he sings a deep note to let him know his voice is in fine fettle. He leads them off to the bailiff’s office to negotiate and suggests that as Father Cowley’s landlord, the Rev. Mr. Love has the prior claim and those fellows with the writ are wasting their time.
Martin Cunningham has organized with Father Conmee to get Master Dignam a place at Artane Boys School. They salute the Councilors on the steps as they are coming out of Dublin Castle. John Wyse Nolan mentions with a note of surprise that the Jewish Bloom has contributed five shillings to the Dignam family.
Martin Cunningham heads purposively towards Jimmy Henry the assistant town clerk and the sub sheriff Long John Fanning in the Council Chambers. He wants to sort out the finances of Paddy Dignam. John Wyse Nolan goes to the doorway to view the Vice Regal cavalcade go past in the shimmering sunlight.