Almodano Artifoni walks past Holles Street Hospital followed by Cashel Boyle O’ Connor Fitzaurice Tisdall Farrell, who stops to read the Elijah poster stuck on the Metropolitan Hall. Murmuring incoherent gabble he bumps unawares against the cane of the blind man who proceeds to vehemently curse him.

Master Dignam is relieved to be out on an errand away from the parlour and the crying women. He studies a boxing poster and thinks that he could easily get there now he only has to deal with his mother. He tries to straighten his collar and is disappointed when he discovers that the fight is already over. The Marie Kendall poster reminds him of the pictures in the cigarette packets that his friend got belted for by his father. He spots Blazes Boylan dressed up with his carnation. He will have tomorrow off school and his name will be in the papers because he is in mourning. His father’s face was gray in the coffin and they bumped it coming down the stairs. The last time he saw him alive he was bawling drunk and wanting his boots to go out for more. When he lay dying and gasping for air he asked his son to take care of his mother. Anyway he should be in purgatory because he went to confession the previous Saturday.