The Earl and Lady Dudley lead a cavalcade of carriages from Phoenix Park. Citizens stop, to salute the representative of Her Majesty, except Mr Dudley White B.L., M.A. on Arran Quay. The barmaids look out through the blinds at the Ormond Hotel. His Excellency salutes Mr Simon Dedalus. Gerty McDowell’s eager efforts to see what Lady Dudley is wearing are prevented by a stupid furniture van as would only happen at such a vital moment. John Wyse Nolan gives a cold hidden smile from the window of Kavanagh’s wine rooms. Tom Rochford lifts his cap to Lady Dudley. Mulligan, Haines and Parnell’s brother all look from the cake shop, each one, reflecting a different attitude. John Henry Menton holds his gold watch and stares ahead from wine inebriated eyes. Mrs Breen rescues her husband from going under the wheels, who has surprised the Honorable Gerald Ward in the second carriage by formally saluting him. ‘H’ stops the line of letters to let the outriders past. Mr Maginni, Professor of Dancing, is not saluted to from the carriages in spite of his bright colours. Blazes Boylan with carnation in mouth sings My girl’s a Yorkshire girl and admires the ladies.

The Earl of Dudley discusses the music at College Park with a consort. At Finn’s Hotel Cashel Boyle O’ Connor Fitzmaurice Tisdal looks through the carriages to the window of the Austro-Hungarian vice-consulate. Master Dignam lifts his hat with greasy fingers. The Viceroy is on his way to open the Mirus bazaar to raise funds for Mercer’s hospital. They pass by a blind man and a man wearing a macintosh eating bread. Eugene Stratton with his fat lips and the midwife and her friend all view the grand cavalcade. Two schoolboys salute from the gates of a lovely old mansion, which is being entered by Almidano Artifoni.